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Lanzarote Duathlon 2014


The 18 th of January saw the first 2014 race hosted by club La Santa , the popular International Duathlon, now in its 18 th year. Consisting of 5km run, 20km bike finished off by 2.5 km run. The course is held up at club La Santa’s ground starting at the stadium, as they run from the stadium they turn out of the grounds around the lagoon and back into the stadium, this is 2.5km, so, at the start this loop is done twice. Then onto the bike, which again takes the riders out of the grounds but this time in the opposite direction on to public road which winds gradually uphill to the village of Soo, then onto Famara, turning round at the start of Famara to head back to La Santa. Once back on club grounds, the athletes need to complete one more lap of the run course around the lagoon and back to the finish. The weather had been changeable in the days leading up to the race day; so, clearer skies and a good weather forecast come race day was pleasing. It was clear on turning up that this would be a hotly contested event. Although there were 132 starting the race, it was clear a lot of those were “veterans” at endurance sports. I in fact there were a high percentage of professionals were in the line up, so , no one was running away with this one. This proved to be the case, as the start sounded for the men a leading group formed. By the time they came back into the stadium to do their second loop, there were still 6 in the group with the local big favourite, triathlete Stephen Bayliss, amongst them. The women had started and most competitors were on the second loop of the run course when, the heavens opened up, and the rain was bouncing off the ground as the wind also picked up, far from ideal conditions to be heading out on the bikes. That fortunately abated. As the men came back from the bikes it was still to close to call, it came down to the final 2.5km. The women had split up a bit more than the men’s race and as they went into the final 2.5km, there was a clear 1st and 2nd, with only 3rd in debate. The Men’s title was won by Latvia’s Victors Vovrusko ahead of Germany’s Per Bittner with Bayliss grabing 3rd spot. Top 3 Men:

1 58 Viktors Vovrusko 30-34 LAT 00:07:56 00:08:24 00:00:44 00:34:54 00:00:38 00:08:08 01:00:41
2 25 Per Bittner 25-29 GER 00:07:56 00:08:32 00:00:39 00:34:50 00:00:36 00:08:16 01:00:46
3 2 Stephen Bayliss 35-39 GBR 00:07:55 00:08:26 00:00:41 00:34:53 00:00:39 00:08:17 01:00:49

The Netherland’s  Yvonne Vlerken won convincingly in the end ahead of Germany’s Jenny Shultz with Patricia Diaz Perea grabbing 3rd spot. Top 3 women:

1 202 Yvonne van Vlerken 35-39 NED 00:09:05 00:09:27 00:00:44 00:36:28 00:00:47 00:09:35 01:06:03
2 200 Jenny Schulz 30-34 GER 00:09:06 00:09:27 00:00:44 00:38:15 00:00:46 00:09:29 01:07:44
3 203 Patricia Díaz Perea 30-34 ESP 00:09:06 00:09:26 00:00:43 00:39:55 00:00:42 00:09:26 01:09:16

With the race summed up,  I have to mention two names at the end, first my fiancé Mark Honeyman, who was looking for a time around 1h 45 and put in a great time 1.27, it’s only his fourth race and second bike race after having a bad crash at his first attempt, well done to him, a great effort. Secondly a young man that caught my eye, he is in the under 20 category and did a great time of 1.07.35, his name is Bradley Ibrahim, and is a name to look out for in the future, currently being coached by Bella Bayliss, he is already lightning fast. Until next year. My fiancé Mark, is also running in the London Marathon this year and will be raising money for charity VICTA, helping children and their families who are blind or partially sighted if you would like to give please go to his fundraising website Thanks to Sabrina Homer for the text and images contribution

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